Adventures in the Lake Shasta Caverns

If you are adventuring in the Shasta/Redding area of California, you should stop off at Lake Shasta Caverns for a fun morning or afternoon of exploring. I now feel that I understand Big Thunder Mountain Railroad on a deeply spiritual level. Follow the Shasta Caverns Road exit on the freeway down a rather precarious road... Continue Reading →


Are you looking for news in the Con and cosplay world?

Two of the most amazing cosplayers and con goers I know have fabulous blogs! Rad Geeky Rose offers convention reports and tips on creating your own bounds and cosplays as a self-taught seamstress. Scarlet Rhapsody specialized in con news and goings on.

Traveling While Vintage

The opportunity arose to travel to Seattle, WA for a family wedding. With the limited space allowed in carry-on baggage, packing was a challenge. My outfit for the wedding on Saturday required a petticoat, so how was I going to fit it all in my small bag? Simple, I'd spend the whole weekend in vintage... Continue Reading →

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