Traveling While Vintage

The opportunity arose to travel to Seattle, WA for a family wedding. With the limited space allowed in carry-on baggage, packing was a challenge. My outfit for the wedding on Saturday required a petticoat, so how was I going to fit it all in my small bag? Simple, I’d spend the whole weekend in vintage wear!

A view of Pike Place Market and Peugeot Sound.

I began with my outfit for Saturday, one of Pin Up Girl Clothing’s Birdie dresses in a blue and yellow rose print.

In the lobby of the Stay Pineapple Watertown in Seattle

I needed to wear a petticoat under it to get the best silhouette. Looking at my petticoat collection, I narrowed my choices down to either blue or yellow. I felt that the contrasting, cheerful yellow would work best with the most dresses.

Now that I had my main outfit and shoes decided, I combed through my closet to find dresses that would work with that petticoat and those shoes. I managed to plan out two additional ensembles that allowed me to wear my yellow petticoat up and back on the plane instead of taking up space packing it.

Next, I searched out articles online and YouTube videos instructing me on packing dress clothes with minimal wrinkling. The most commonly discussed trick is to roll your dresses either with dry cleaning bags or tissue paper. The dry cleaning bag worked better at keeping wrinkles at bay. Rolling the clothing instead of folding also left fewer noticeable wrinkles to the annoyance of my sisters who had packed their dresses for the wedding more conventionally.

Do you need to read the articles and watch the videos on packing, too? Here are the ones I found most helpful:

Since I was spending the weekend in vintage wear, I thought matching luggage would be appropriate. Who am I kidding? I was looking for an excuse to buy these cuties!

Photo taken by my sister when she spotted me in the arrivals area at Sea-Tac.

One of the benefits of this set is the cosmetic case comes with a purse strap. My sister-in-law tried to tell me it wasn’t a purse, but that’s how I used it all weekend to the delight of several people who stopped me to admire my style. This particular luggage set met the size guidelines for the overhead baggage compartment exactly while being smaller than the personal item size guidelines.

The cosmetic case made for a roomy purse. I was able to fit everything I needed in it each day with room for souvenirs. Getting in the purse each day was a little inconvenient due to the side opening.  It would not have been comfortable to carry using just the hand strap all day. Luckily, it comes with a comfortable purse strap as well as the luggage strap. The straps were easy to switch out.

I used Pin Up Girl Clothing dresses primarily because most of their new style have pockets. Serious pockets.

Overall, I would absolutely travel while vintage on future trips. Aside from the petticoats, the properly packed dresses took up less space than conventional clothes. One family friend laughed at the size of my luggage and assumed I had left behind another bag or forgotten to pack for a day. Also, Seattle’s vintage and antique markets had lots of great finds.


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