1st Ever Frontier Day at the Park!

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

I was a part of history at the first ever Frontier Day at the Park meet-up! Yay!

@atomic_redhead greets early arrivals

This was a meet-up organized by the glamorous Atomic Redhead. Don’t know much about meet-ups? Read more here.

The weather was cool and perfect for an event. We ran into a group celebrating Unicorn Day at the Park.

The group castle picture was a little tricky because photographers could only back up so far due to the construction fencing around the Storytellers statue area.


If you’ve never been to a meet-up, I highly recommend them. You meet the most delightfully fun people.

The Frontier Day at the Park crowd mixes and mingles, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.
Handmade Frontier Day at the Park ears!

Looking for an excuse to put together a fabulous outfit and show it off? Meet-ups are the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Some Disney folks plan their outfit weeks or months in advance, leaving themselves time to craft unique creations to wow their fellow event attendees.

One of the most amazing creators I know is the fabulous Pleated Peacock. Follow her on Instagram for more of her handmade awesomeness.


My favorite part of every meet-up is the themed trivia contest. Maybe that’s just because I once won a gift card at one. Come prepared with your best Disney knowledge; some of these contests get obscure and intense. Each contest features prizes, usually donated by vendors sponsoring the event. Atomic Redhead arranged for an amazing array of prizes, including an embroidered scarf from Perdita’s Wardrobe and brooches from Match Accessories. Trivia contest prizes are often one of a kind items that would take pride of place on any collector’s shelf.

The event organizers conduct the trivia contest with a riveted crowd, except for the distrustful baby.

Don’t forget to pose for fun pictures all day long. You’ll want to remember your day of fun. When in doubt, ask a fellow meet-up attendee for advice on finding themed photo op spots if you’re not familiar with the parks.



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