I’m here to bring a little sunshine to your day!

This blog is intended to help me explore the fun in and around my life. I’m based in sunny Southern California.

Vintage Fun

I’m an active part of the vintage clothing and living community. Are you new to vintage? Have you been surrounding yourself with lovelies from the 1940s since you could walk? I think we could all have a little fun together.


I’m specialize in dapper bounds, Disney bounds, and runner or race bounds. What is bounding exactly? Click here for my discussion on bounding.

Libraries, Books, and Book Stores! Oh, My!

I love books. I can’t remember what life was like before I could read. I love exploring new libraries and museums or returning to old favorites.

Running and Races

I took up running a few years ago to improve my cardiovascular health. I will post about my runs and races I’ve participated in a few times each year. If you see me at a race, be sure to get a high 5!

I also review race products and races as the Expo FairyGodmother. Larger runners experience races and products differently. I give my views of how things work out at my end of the spectrum. Stop by and check out my reviews.

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