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Two of the most amazing cosplayers and con goers I know have fabulous blogs! Rad Geeky Rose offers convention reports and tips on creating your own bounds and cosplays as a self-taught seamstress. Scarlet Rhapsody specialized in con news and goings on.


Traveling While Vintage

The opportunity arose to travel to Seattle, WA for a family wedding. With the limited space allowed in carry-on baggage, packing was a challenge. My outfit for the wedding on Saturday required a petticoat, so how was I going to fit it all in my small bag? Simple, I'd spend the whole weekend in vintage... Continue Reading →

Wonder Con 2017

Wonder Con in Anaheim is one of the best con experiences out there! It's not as crowded and insane as San Diego Comic Con while still being large, well-attended, and full of variety. One of the biggest perks for me is that the Anaheim location means there is more of a Disney influence than most... Continue Reading →

What is bounding?

My close friend @radgeekyrose introduced me to the concept of bounding a few years ago. At a Disney bounding panel at Wonder Con in 2017, she referred to it as closet cosplay. The idea behind a good bound is to get the image of what a character would look like if they were a) real... Continue Reading →

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