Forestiere Underground Gardens

What would you do if you sank your entire life savings into farmland that turned out to be unable to grow your crops? What if you were far from your homeland and family? What if the summer was blisteringly hot? If you were Baldassare Forestiere, you'd begin digging. Forestiere remembered helping to dig his family's cellars... Continue Reading →


Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Buena Park

Are you looking for a fun show with a good dinner? Give Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park a try. I went along as part of a group with the fabulous Rad Geeky Rose, Atomic Redhead, and other friends. We had a blast watching a really impressive show, and I think you will, too. Get to your... Continue Reading →

Adventures in the Lake Shasta Caverns

If you are adventuring in the Shasta/Redding area of California, you should stop off at Lake Shasta Caverns for a fun morning or afternoon of exploring. I now feel that I understand Big Thunder Mountain Railroad on a deeply spiritual level. Follow the Shasta Caverns Road exit on the freeway down a rather precarious road... Continue Reading →

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